PHPMailer Function

Follow guidelines from professionals  

As a PHP developer with a requirement for sending emails from your code, you have the only option in the PHP function list namely mail (). However, the PHP mail () function does not provide the complete assistance for using essential features like HTML messages, attachments, authentication and encryption. You can prefer and use the mail () function to send email via the local mail server usually fronted by a sendmail binary on macOS, BSD and Linux platforms. Windows operating system does not include this local mail server. You can overcome this difficulty when you use the PHP mailer script. This is because the PHPMailer has the integrated simple mail transfer protocol implementation which lets email sending on the Windows platforms devoid of any local mail server.  

Individuals who access the PHPMailer from the Packagist and install it through the Comopser can get loads of benefits as expected. They can manually install the overall package or use the Composer which is reliable, simple and convenient way to include important files in the project. Easy-to-follow suggestions to use the PHP Mailers give you an array of benefits. 

How can you install and start sending mail with PHPmailer? 

It is easy and you can complete the process fast. For installing it the best way for you to do is by using the composer. Before you start the process make sure that you had installed the composer in your device. 

  • In that open the command prompt and find the directory of your project in which you want to make use of the PHP mailer. 
  • It is required for you to run the following commands and wait for the installation process to complete. 
  • You can easily download all the necessary classes to your project folder. 
  • There is a need for you to import out the PHP mailer class into the global namespace. Load the composer autoloader.  
  • There is a need for creating out the PHP mailer class objects. 

The SMTP debug it is used for displaying the messages regarding the problems in connectivity and then to send emails.  

  • 0 – When it is default value there the debugging process would get disabled. 
  • 1 – It is used for display the output messages that is send by the client. 
  • 2 – As it is 1, plus it is used for displaying the responses that is received from server. 
  • 3 – As it is 2, plus you can find more information about the connection. 
  • 4 – It is used for displaying even the lower level of information’s.